Want To Know The Unseen Facts About TV Channel listings- Bigg Boss 11 January 1, 2018? Puneesh and Akash get safe after a twist in nominations!

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Want To Know The Unseen Facts About TV Channel listings- Bigg Boss 11 January 1, 2018? Puneesh and Akash get safe after a twist in nominations!

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The hottest episode of Bigg Boss 11 was a game changer for the contestants of the reality show. Although Bigg Boss is capturing the world’s popularity in a very drastic manner, it made the audience more excited towards the finale round. 

But Do You Know that in the last sessions of Bigg-Boss, what are the opinions of the contestants for each other in the house?

Let’s focus on their views and opinions one-by one in details-

The twist in the story came with the positioned task that Bigg Boss had announced on Monday's Entertainment News ( 1 Jan 2018 ). Bigg Boss requests all the contestants to grade independently according to their opinions. While Puneesh and Akash take the top two rankings themselves without others concern and opinion, Hina regrets her judgment later on.  According to her opinion and judgment, she finds herself to be on the top position in the Bigg-Boss house and expects her victory in the game besides others. 

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Bigg Boss begins with Hina talking about Vikas’ place inside the house after Priyanka's departure. She states she will chat with him whenever he comes to her asking about her opinion.

Hina shows Vikas the hygienic situation of Shilpa. Vikas says there is no variance between Arshi and Shilpa keeping in mind their uncounted fights till now in the Bigg-Boss house regarding their personal matters.
Hina tells Luv that Vikas had nominated many contestants to preserve Puneesh and Puneesh is not thankful to him. Luv says Puneesh is a marvelous player. Bigg Boss requests housemates to position themselves and they have to decide unanimously. 

Akash takes his name from the very first place and gives the legitimate reason that he entertains the viewers. Vikas and Hina disagree with Akash as he misbehaved with everyone in the house apart from his entertainment and this is the biggest reason for his ranking down position in the mind’s of Hina Khan and Vikas-Gupta. 

Hina signifies her name but Vikas Gupta suggests Shilpa’s name on the top position. .Bigg Boss tells contestants that this was the nomination task and the last four are nominated for the eviction. Puneesh and Akash get excited on listening that as they stood the first top two positions in the positionings-tasks. 

Hina Khan suggests Luv to enjoy his graph in the show as he got saved many times in the show although he didn't contribute well and performed well in the show from the very starting.

Shilpa gets irritated with Akash and says he is so dictating and he’ll get a lesson for his tendencies in this house only.

Vikas asks Hina what exactly are you contemplating, Hina says she has made a blunder today. Vikas says he didn’t want to quarrel with Akash and Puneesh so he made them position yourself on the very first two positions.

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