Pre-primary Education - The First Stage of Learning For Children

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Pre-primary Education - The First Stage of Learning For Children

Posted on October 13, 2017 in

Pre-primary education is an important stage in the life of young children. This first step towards the world of education helps in the overall development of children and makes them more independent and confident.

Pre Primary Education at Various Public School offers an interesting play environment for the children and focuses on their holistic development. Children not only learn to read, write and do number work but also gain knowledge about the environment.

Young children at Montessori and Kindergarten level develop the skills related to learning. They are also taught to actively participate in group activities and build up problem solving and creative skills. The teachers of the school follow an organized curriculum to help children understand things better and learn more rapidly.

Pre-primary schooling facilitates in grooming young minds and provides dynamic and complete development of children. By creating a formal learning environment for children, pre-primary school education helps them to understand the importance of learning and discipline.

School provides appropriate environment and opportunities to cultivate young minds and encourages them to realize their true potential. Other than the regular curriculum, pre-primary education also includes different activities such as drawing, coloring, clay work, craft work, singing, dancing and more to make school life interesting for the young children.

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