Brock Lesnar beat Roman Reigns in possibly the worst Wrestlemania main event ever

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Brock Lesnar beat Roman Reigns in possibly the worst Wrestlemania main event ever

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We go to the ring and out first comes Roman Reigns for this evening's headliner. Rules hit the ring and put his clench hand down as a touch of pyro goes off. There are a few boos for Reigns and as the passage for the WWE, Universal Champion begins up. Out comes Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman as the pyro goes off. The Beast hits the overskirt and gets more pyro. They compromise of the ring and we get formal presentations from JoJo. 

WWE Universal Title Match: Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

Heyman interferes with JoJo to do the presentation for his customer. The ringer rings and Lesnar goes ideally to work, slamming Reigns over into the corner and emptying. Rules push Lesnar out. Lesnar fires back with three German suplexes. Rules return appropriate with two Superman Punches. Lesnar goes to the floor for a breather. Rules take after and bounce off the steel ring ventures for another Superman Punch. Rules bring Lesnar once more into the ring, however, clotheslines him ideal out finished the best. 

Brock is dazed outwardly now. Rules come over, however, Brock nails a midsection to-stomach toss on the floor. Lesnar with another enormous paunch to-tummy on the floor. Rules land hard. Lesnar gets Reigns paunch to-tummy again, however, dispatches him confront first into one of the declare tables. They bring it once more into the ring and Lesnar nails another German. Lesnar stands straight up and watches out at the group, taking as much time as is needed with Reigns. Lesnar invites him to Suplex City, b - h. Lesnar stalks Reigns and conveys the fifth German suplex. 

Lesnar with another gut to-gut suplex in the ring now. Lesnar bobs around and stalks Reigns. Lesnar takes as much time as is needed and conveys another paunch to-tummy. Rules arrive up down on the floor for a breather as Lesnar dismantles the report table, hurling some portion of it at the German declare group. Lesnar dispatches Reigns into the obstruction. Rules at long last get an opening as Lesnar goes down in the wake of hitting the ring post. Rules keep running at Lesnar and Spears him onto and over the declared table. Rules appear to get up first as we get a replay. Rules lift Lesnar up and move him once more into the ring as a few fans boo. 

Reigns hold up in the corner as Lesnar falters to his feet. Rules with a Superman Punch. Rules with a Spear now. Lesnar gets up yet Reigns conveys another Spear for a nearby 2 tally. Reigns hold up in the corner once more. Rules holler out and call for it however he charges and gets leveled by a knee to the face from Lesnar. Rules kick out at 2 some way or another. Lesnar can't trust it either. Heyman looks on as Lesnar takes Reigns back to his feet. Lesnar scoops Reigns for the F5 and nails it amidst the ring for another nearby 2 check. 

Lesnar stalks Reigns again and drops him amidst the ring with another F5. Rules kick out again and Lesnar is stunned. Heyman hollers at Lesnar to put Reigns down. Lesnar shouts out and is baffled. Lesnar conveys another F5 amidst the ring yet Reigns kicks out. Heyman and Lesnar look on in dismay. Heyman was at that point strolling up the ring steps, thinking there was no chance Reigns could kick out. A few fans serenade "exhausting" at this point. 

Lesnar hurls Reigns pull out of the ring takes after, as yet taking as much time as necessary. Lesnar scoops Reigns and puts him on a declared table with another F5. Lesnar drags Reigns once again into the ring and Reigns is out. Lesnar enters the ring and grins. Rules convey a 6th German suplex to Reigns. Lesnar scoops Reigns on his shoulder and hits a fifth F5. Lesnar covers, however, Reigns still kicks out at 2. The boos get and Lesnar is getting furious. Lesnar takes his gloves off and uncovered his knuckles now. Heyman gives a shout out to him. 

It sounds like fans are droning "this is terrible" at this point. Lesnar mounts Reigns with strikes. The official puts gloves on as it would appear that the elbow strike cut Reigns open and he's dying. Rules wind up returning all of a sudden and nailing two Spears in succession yet Lesnar kicks out at 2. Reigns' face is canvassed in blood now as he gets advertised up. Lesnar returns ideal with the F5 for the stick and the win. 

Victor: Brock Lesnar 

After the match, Lesnar's music hits as he takes off of the ring and joins Heyman at ringside. Lesnar places the title on his shoulder and glances back at Reigns in the ring. Lesnar and Heyman walk up the slope as a few fans look on astounded. We go to replays. Reigns are stupified as doctors beware of him in the ring. We get a wide group shot and an extensive video bundle demonstrating features from today around evening time's show. We at last return to Reigns bumbling around the ringside region. A few fans have begun to leave the stadium. Rules' music hits as mentors and authorities tail him up the incline. Rules, as yet hinting at all the blood from prior, stop on the incline and glances around. He gradually strolls up to the slope as a few fans cheer him. Rules stop once again on the stage and think back yet there's very little response from the group. Rules heads to the back as WrestleMania 34 goes off the air.

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