Ayurvedic doctors in Indore and Ayurveda Myths and Facts

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Ayurvedic doctors in Indore and Ayurveda Myths and Facts

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Ayurveda Early history or Natural events and facts
Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine but it is still compete to gain the trust of the patients as there are several social phenomena and view or opinion that is incorrect widespread in a particular area or time among them related to ayurveda.
Some of the myths associated with ayurveda
1    Ayurvedic treatment does not harm anyone’s body.
2    Ayurvedic treatments are free from side effects.
3    Ayurvedic treatment is all about treatment of disease by home medicines.
4    Ayurvedic medicine takes some time to show its effect.
5    On ayurvedic treatment there are many limiting conditions related to diet.
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 About  Ayurved
As   we know that ayurveda is originally translate as “Science of Life”. It was developed 5000 year ago, a system of holistic health developed in India knows as mother of health and medicine. Ayurveda is a natural way of treatment and it does not affect the person health and body. From the past many years, ayurveda  services is going on and everyone take ayurveda treatment and recommend other also to take the same. Because this is only one treatment which is natural and don’t harm the person body, and  every person trust on this treatment blindly. The   ayurvedic   medicine which everyone takes in this treatment is made from natural substances and don’t harm humans and don’t have any side effect. There are many ayurvedic doctors in indore  .Ayurveda offered many medicine to all the diseases like high blood pressure, low blood pressure, diabetes, dengue ,fever etc .Ayurvedic doctors  give a balanced and health diet ,make one’s  lifestyle good ,and makes one’s life stress free. And they recommend herbal medicine and make their life disease free and stress free.
Meaning of Ayurveda
1   Ayurveda  
Ayurveda is a precious gift given by our sages, whose utility cannot be described by words. History of Ayurveda is thousands of years old and it is still the best. Foreign scientists are surprised to study the principles of Ayurveda.

2    What is Ayurveda
The word Ayurveda is made up of two words, Ayush + Veda meaning "life science" - "Science of Life". Ayurveda is not limited to the treatment of diseases only, but it provides complete knowledge of living values, health and life.
Holistic  Approaches of Ayurveda – The Science of Self-Healing
Today ayurveda became the best medical science treatment because the treatment of ayurveda is natural and don’t harm body. Indians have believed in this traditional practice for centuries but the approach only gained momentum with the popularity of alternative health practices across the world .In this branch medicine originated   5000 years ago in india. The medicine is made naturally from herbs and other ingredients such as Svarasa, Kalka, Kvatha, Phant, Hima. There are many ayurvedic hospitals are there in Indore and people from abroad come to Indore for their treatment and to get more information about ayurveda .If you are excited to know more about this medical branch and its benefits and advantage, here we provide the best list of ayurvedic doctor in Indore just visit one of this doctor and gain all the information.
According to ayurvedic medical science and ayurvedic doctor the disease which are found on the body are said as “dosha”. Its main focus is to free the persons from these dosha through natural medicine and massages. It is the only branch of medical science that talks about absolute health. It emphasizes on the treatment of the body and mind through time-proven therapies like meditation, yoga, dietary regulations and herbal cure among others. In Indore Ayurvedic Doctors have gained a lot of recognition through  their  time-honoured  Ayurvedic  treatments. In India there are many colleges and university of ayurveda science which are completely devoted in ayurveda science .The ayurvedic medicine are prepared from natural ingredients and they don’t harm anyone’s body. As suggest by ayurvedic doctors that ayurvedic medicine and ayurvedic treatment don’t harm persons body and this treatment is safe, and ayurvedic treatment is less costly than any other medical treatment.
Scope of Ayurvedic Doctors
According to the ayurvedic doctors of Indore, nearly 80 percent of India’s population uses Ayurveda, either fully or combining it with allopathic diagnosis. Over the last two decades, due to an increase in lifestyle diseases, the awareness about the world’s oldest medicine, which originated in India, has increased phenomenally around the globe. Today as we all know scope  ayurvedic doctor is increasing day by day because every person prefer to take treatment of ayurveda  as it is cost is less than any other treatment and don’t harm anyone body ,Its medicine are made from natural product. Usually a sizeable number of students  aspiring to work as Ayurvedic   Doctors in Indore pursue an MD or Doctor of Medicine (Ayurveda) followed by an MS or Master of Surgery (Ayurveda). Some of the diploma and certification courses available in this field are Certificate Course in Ayurveda Panchakarma, Diploma In Ayurvedic  Panchakarma, Diploma in Ayurvedic Massage and Diploma in Ayurveda  Medicine
Three Significant Diseases Falling Under Ayurveda    
Vata, pitta, and kapha are collectively known as disease as said by ayurvedic doctor in Indore .Each have different impact on everyones body. When these diseases are found in anyone body then they become ill and body get imbalance. According to ayurvedic doctor in Indore this disease enters in someone’s body because of irregular diet, too much stress etc.
Ayurvedic   Diagnosis
There are eight major ways which are adopted by Ayurvedic Doctors Indore to diagnose illnesses. The principles of Ayurveda are very logical and comprehensive and can be easily applied to diagnose a person’s condition so that you can come up with an appropriate action plan.
To do this, we need to look at Specific Symptoms & Signs.
1 General Appearance
2 Eyes
3 Tongue Examinations
4 Pulse Examinations
5 Examination of tools
6 Examination of urine
7 Sounds in the body
 8 Nails
Conditions Treated Through Ayurveda
According to ayurvedic doctor in Indore they recommend that what types of treatment are done by ayurveda as-
• For preventing and healing symptoms of various diseases, the 10- days treatment course is suitable.
• For healing lighter disorders, the 10-days and 15- days treatment course is suitable.
• For healing of serious diseases, the 20 or 25- days treatment course is recommended in order to achieve the necessary therapeutic results.
• In case of reproductive diseases, please, send us request a special 7-day therapy.
Ayurveda treatment has the capacity to fight successfully with all the diseases –
Gastrointestinal diseases
Cardiac Disorder
Respiratory Diseases
Joint Problems
Excretory System Diseases
Dermatological Diseases
Women’s fertility issues
Children’s Diseases
Psychological Disorders
Movement Disorders
There are many other types of health problems and diseases , which not mention here and they are treated by huge range of ayurvedic medicines.
Ayurvedic Diet as Per Diseases
As ayurvedic doctor in Indore recommend everyone what diet everyone should take according to the diseases they are having and fighting-
In diet hard substances should be properly chewed.   Wherever possible intake of curd or butter milk should follow food. It should neither be very hot nor absolutely cold. Water should be avoided at least 15 minutes before food. Heavy food should be taken in limited quantity and not be taken in night. The food should be fresh, digest easily, and contain protein and vitamin in them. Avoid fried edibles.
Significant Correlation between Yoga and   Ayurveda
Ayurveda and Yoga are the important part of Vedic science from thousands of years ago. Both have same effect that they remove all the disease from body and made our body stress free and we feel relax. Generally speaking Ayurveda deals with the health of the body, while yoga deals with purifying the mind, but in reality they complement & embrace each other. Both focus on the same aim that keeping the body free from diseases and keep our body healthy and stress free .As this all said by ayurvedic  doctors of Indore and they are the best ayurvedic doctor.
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