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The concept of Boarding schools in India is not new, this concept for India is even as old as the word “Boarding” itself. Ancient Indian GURUKULs are today’s boarding schools. The gurukuls were the residential schooling system in which Shishya (student) use to live with their Guru (teacher) under the same roof. The Upanishads mentioned gurukul for the first time in the history of India, which has mentioned multiple gurukuls including that of Guru Drona. In the Gurukuls, students live together and were considered equal irrespective of their social status. By the Colonial Era, Indian history had experienced a steep decline in the Gurukul system, and the Britishers conquered India, the gurukuls experienced total extinction, as the Britisher’s replaced Gurukul with their own concept of Boarding School. Indians had all new experience of Boarding school in 1860 when the Bureau of Indian Affairs established the first Indian Boarding School in the Yakima, from then it was set as the custom for the families because, for common people, the perception was made that Boarding schools in India are for the Rich and Royal families. As the year passed the boarding school became the tradition for Indian families as their thought behind the boarding school was the discipline and the moral development of the child and to get both, boarding school is the best option. In this competitive world, every parent desires that their child be different from the crowd and for that they need their child should get overall development, not just academic information. This package is best offered by the boarding schools, and due to this attitude of people, nowadays, boarding schools are at its pinnacle.

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